Big Game Big Give- Gaea Rare’s Contributions to an Extraordinary Event

Gaea Rare recently attended and contributed to the country’s largest and most lavish charity event in the country, the Big Game Big Give. We are proud to have been a part of the 25th anniversary of such a wonderful organization and event.

Gaea was honored to provide an approximate value of $2 million worth of rare and luxurious crystals, gemstones, fixtures, and furnishings to host a lavish showcase at the event. This also marked a piece of history being made, as Gaea was the first to gather such a large and diverse curation from multiple suppliers and multiple countries all under one banner.

Among the items in the curation was the world’s single-most extravagant bath tub, a single hand carved three person tub. Alongside the tub were the world’s largest pair of citrine wings, a functional design crystal water fountain, a naturally formed crescent moon citrine, a naturally formed heart citrine, a museum-grade amethyst from Bolivia, and several other exclusive pieces from India, Colombia, and several other exotic regions.

Fundraising for the Vincere Cancer Center, this event was able to work directly with firefighters and other organizations of the Scottsdale community. Gaea was proud to have donated $20,000 cash while also representing the brand on behalf of the event. The Gaea team looks forward to future success and philanthropy.