Gaea Rare was handpicked to bring its extraordinary wellness experience to the 2023 Super Bowl Big Game Big Give charity event. With their unrivaled expertise in creating majestic experiences, Gaea Rare added a touch of opulence and enchantment to the event.

At the heart of Gaea Rare's showcase was a breathtaking display that left guests in awe. Their centerpiece featured a magnificent 6000 lbs Brazilian crystal bathtub, accompanied by a stunning mermaid, creating a scene straight out of a fairytale. Towering crystal obelisks standing at 15 feet tall adorned the surroundings, emanating an aura of elegance and grandeur. The presence of huge citrine wings and over 25 minerals further enhanced the ambiance, immersing the attendees in a world of natural beauty and tranquility.

However, what truly stole the spotlight was Gaea Rare's showcase of the largest amethyst in existence. Weighing over 1700 lbs, this magnificent gemstone hailed from the captivating landscapes of Bolivia. Its sheer size and captivating purple hues mesmerized all who laid eyes upon it, making it a centerpiece of wonder and admiration.

Being selected as a provider for the Super Bowl Big Game Big Give charity event solidified Gaea Rare's reputation for delivering unparalleled luxury experiences. Their collaboration with the event not only elevated the overall ambiance but also helped support charitable community causes.