Our Story

No one in the Guerrero family had suspected finding vibrant opportunities in Colombia, South America. Our family having roots there, by chance met the opportunity here in the United States. Yet, after so much time away from the cradle of this family chronicle in America, Gaea was the culmination of a calling and opportunity joining together under the hot Arizona sun.

Our Founders had a mutual Colombian friend who had introduced them to an American eccentric crystal and gem mine owner and dealer out of South America. Knowing the ways of Colombia, the dealer became 'like family' immediately. He became the "Indiana Jones" of the crystal world coordinating some of the best shipments out of Colombia into the US. Colombian-Americans share a very specific and rare bond here in the States, and with that both the parties hit it off becoming partners. Whether they had realized it or not, this chance encounter was about to change what the dealer had been working on for years. Bent on propelling the entire industry to a new level, the seeds of Gaea Rare were planted that day.

Gaea’s moment would have to wait, though. COVID-19 rocked international supply chains, locked people away from doing business, and posed a serious threat to global health. During this time, the seeds that had been planted required some patience. Over a year and a half of market research, industry updates, planning, inventory management, and other composed preparations for Gaea occurred until the time was ripe.

Brandon Guerrero, the founder's nephew and recent business school graduate, heard news of Gaea and immediately jumped on board. Along with him came his cousin, Tyler Manibusan, a very talented and refined videographer and electrical technician. They bolstered Gaea with ambition and a fresh look into how to make the venture shine.

Fast forward to today, the teams have partnered and have added other suppliers to the roster. Gaea has had the amazing opportunity to browse and select the greatest product from the greatest people in the entire industry. This chance meeting has opened the world of rare earth art to source incredible crystals, fossils, and gemstones from across the world, Gaea brings the expertise to deliver luxury quality to the USA.

The Gaea brand is growing, and as we grow we take a stand for selective quality, while maintaining our humble roots in Colombian heritage. Ethically sourcing from mines, ensuring sustainable practices and products are in use, and actively expanding the value chain economically back to Colombia are all points of pride that are taken within the Gaea brand, as well as everyone who is involved or associated with Gaea. Not only do we exceed in delivering quality selection, we back that up with thoroughly ensuring we operate a forward-thinking venture that is insistent and unwavering on excellence in every aspect of our company.

We don’t settle on conducting business like a corporation: slashing expenses at the cost of employee’s livelihoods or taking shortcuts with our supply chain and overhead. We pour our blood, sweat, tears, and souls into every person, every product, and every last detail to ensure that Gaea is at the forefront economically, environmentally, and socially.

We ensure the ethical sourcing of all products, pay livable wages to all employees, use only biodegradable products for shipping, deliver above-fair market value to suppliers and their sources, all while curating the highest quality products on the market for our clients and ensuring we exceed their expectations. Gaea is the leader in the crystal market, and vows to never stray away from what makes it the leader.