Gemstones: Agate- What You Need to Know

You may have heard of agate before, but its elusive name does not lend a proper definition unless you’re already familiar with the stone. Agate is a semi-precious variant of quartz, made up of a cryptocrystalline structure of chalcedony. Chalcedony is a commonly mined mineral around the world, making it a common crystal.

The agate gemstone is formed in hollow, cooled lave cavities. Silica formed in these cavities captures water and forms a gel. Iron-rich rock infuses with the gel, and as water dissipates from it, the gel then cools into a crystalline structure forming agate.

Agate rarity is valued by weight, coloration, color distribution, and the internal composition of the agate. Most agate are extremely common, so finding a properly rare specimen can be hard to come by. Researching any specific specimen’s characteristics are paramount in verifying the rarity of agate pieces. Use an expert if needed, agate is known as a common category of fraudulent and artificial stones that are sold without the knowledge of the buyer being sold false goods.

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