Gemstones: Agate- What You Need to Know

You may have heard of agate before, but its elusive name does not lend a proper definition unless you’re already familiar with the stone. Agate is a semi-precious variant of quartz, made up of a cryptocrystalline structure of chalcedony. Chalcedony is a commonly mined mineral around the world, making it a common crystal.

The agate gemstone is formed in hollow, cooled lave cavities. Silica formed in these cavities captures water and forms a gel. Iron-rich rock infuses with the gel, and as water dissipates from it, the gel then cools into a crystalline structure forming agate.

Agate rarity is valued by weight, coloration, color distribution, and the internal composition of the agate. Most agate are extremely common, so finding a properly rare specimen can be hard to come by. Researching any specific specimen’s characteristics are paramount in verifying the rarity of agate pieces. Use an expert if needed, agate is known as a common category of fraudulent and artificial stones that are sold without the knowledge of the buyer being sold false goods.

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Gemstones: Bloodstone- What You Need to Know and How it Affects Your Life

The bloodstone is a gemstone made up of Heliotrope. It is identifiable as a gem with deep, dark colored earthy tones and beautiful accents of red distribution throughout the stone. Its beauty has been renowned for millennia, with historical evidence of the semi-precious gem being used in jewelry, art and pottery, and healing.

Typically, bloodstone is the combination of two types of quartz: Jasper and Chalcedony. The Chalcedony gives a deep, earthy green coloration accompanied by the Jasper lending rich blood-like coloration to the gem. Although there may be variation in color distribution, the luster of this gemstone is defined consistently as waxy.

The ancient cultures exposed to bloodstone used it as both spiritual and physical healing. Spiritually, the bloodstone is associated as the gemstone representing the sun. For growth, warmth, and prosperity, the bloodstone reflects the sun’s power in spiritual practice. Physical healing used bloodstones as a means of promoting blood circulation, organ health, and vitality.  Bloodstone is a powerful gemstone, and emits the power of the sun both upon and around the user. Its physical and spiritual power is insurmountable.

Bloodstone is also representative of many ancient goddesses, primarily those who oversaw fertility and womanhood. Women of all ages and backgrounds were able to promote their wellbeing with the use of bloodstone. This gem is particularly powerful for promoting feminine welfare.

In home design, bloodstone can contribute to the earthy feng shui of your space. Its dark greens and bloody/sunny reds ground nature into a space, promoting creative growth. The clarity it brings by grounding one in their natural space can disrupt obstacles within the creative or growth process.

Gemstones with properties like bloodstone are precious within the home, and precious to those who use them. For interior design ideas with bloodstone, Gaea recommends infusing these trends with your creative outlook on bloodstone’s uses.

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Crystals, and Gems, and Fossils- Oh My!

Crystals are the new diamonds, and people are going crazy finding high quality crystals. In cities like Los Angeles, high-end commercial real estate, hotels, and homes are buying up massive crystals to display, heal, and promote the feng shui of specific spaces.

Feng shui is a movement and design principal that promotes balance in a certain space or setting. Crystals are the freshest way to bring balance in modern homes. Inside spaces filled with screens and other artificial contraptions, crystals reconnect you and your home to the Earth in a magnificent way. To really hone in on your space’s feng shui, we highly recommend checking out this article.

Crystals come in a variety of different types, shapes, and sizes, but overall increase the Earthly connection of any given space. They are majestic conduits that connect you to the Earth.

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