Rose Quartz- What You Need To Know

Rose Quartz is symbolic of love due to its notoriously famous pink coloration. This beautiful pink crystal gains its coloration from pink variations of borosilicate. Along with its pink coloration, rose quartz is typically a stone full of luster and translucent properties visually.

Rose quartz originates in mines all over the world, with varying levels of quality specific to each unique specimen. Many of the most popular pieces are from Brazil. Rose quartz has been dated back to jewelry from 7,000 BC and has a history amongst the Romans and Assyrians. Ancient Romans even used the beautiful crystal as a royal seal.

Rose quartz is particularly sought after not only for its beautiful coloration, rarity, and structure, but also because it has the wonderful property of being unharmed by light exposure. Most crystals suffer some degree of diminishment over time when exposed to light, but rose quartz does not fall victim to this. This makes rose quartz exceptional for collections and displays.

The divine feminine and maternal energy rose quartz possesses is typically associated with its gorgeous pink hues. Rose quartz is utilized as a therapeutic stone, enhancing love and romance for its owner. Love for family, friends, and lovers alike all benefit from rose quartz.

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