Dogtooth Calcite New

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Product Description

Description: Gaea Rare introduces the Dogtooth Calcite, a remarkable geological specimen celebrated for its distinctive crystal formations. Composed of calcium carbonate, Dogtooth Calcite exhibits elongated, pointed crystals reminiscent of canine teeth. The intricate lattice structure of these crystals reflects the mineral’s slow growth over time, creating a visually captivating display.

Metaphysical Significance: Beyond its scientific allure, Gaea Rare’s Dogtooth Calcite holds metaphysical significance. Renowned for its energy-clearing properties, Dogtooth Calcite is believed to stimulate spiritual growth and enhance one’s connection to higher realms. Its pointed crystals are thought to channel energy effectively, making it a sought-after crystal for meditation and spiritual practices. Immerse your space in the unique synergy of geological marvel and metaphysical benefits with Gaea Rare’s Dogtooth Calcite.


  • Weight: 0.31 lb
  • Width: 2 in
  • Depth: 1 in
  • Height: 3 in

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