Druzy Agate On Stand New

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Product Description

Description: Discover the allure of Druzy Agate On Stand crafted by Gaea Rare, showcasing intricate formations of tiny quartz crystals that adorn the surface of agate. Formed within geodes or on the surface of minerals, druzy agate undergoes unique crystallization processes, resulting in its dazzling appearance. Each piece reflects the geological history and mineral composition of its origin.

Metaphysical Significance: Immerse yourself in the metaphysical energies of Gaea Rare’s Druzy Agate On Stand, believed to promote harmony, balance, and positivity. Its radiant aura is thought to amplify spiritual vibrations and foster a sense of tranquility and well-being. Explore the captivating beauty and metaphysical properties of Gaea Rare’s Druzy Agate On Stand collection.


  • Weight: 1.13 lb

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